It contains articles, lists of remote companies, newsletters, and a remote work community forum. One of the interesting features I liked about this platform is that it offers a learning portal with free resources, tools, and education to achieve your work-from-home goals. It also conducts remote-focused events that help users to nurture their skills and learn from industry experts. In this article, we list 202 blog ideas so that you can create relevant, quality content that readers engage with. Consistently presenting engaging ideas on your blog is one strategy you can use to increase your number of regular readers. Regardless of the demographics of your target audience, adding fresh content attracts new readers and encourages existing ones to return.

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Subheadings are your chance to prove to readers that you have valuable content. To keep luring them back into your post, when their instinct is to leave. You’re afraid of quitting your job and living without a safety net. You’re afraid of the concerned, disapproving looks your friends will give you when you tell them you’re giving it all up to write for a living.

How to Start a Successful Blog in 5 Steps

Before writing the main sections of your post, flesh out a blog post outline to nail each key point. Truthfully, if you’re not generous with your readers in your posts, they won’t get a good impression of your paid products. Let’s say you write a list post covering five steps to achieve something. If the first step is 500 words, the second and third steps are 100 words, the fourth step is 200 words and the fifth step is 400 words, it looks sloppy. As though you didn’t bother to proofread it before hitting publish. Bloggers overlook this all the time, but it’s easy to fix once you’re aware of it.

Now it’s time to turn your topic into a killer headline. This headline is so broad it’s unlikely to draw readers in. No one loses sleep over “wanting to create an amazing life.” They lose sleep over specific aspects of their lives that have left them unfulfilled.

Does Remote Working Impact Career Progression?

What I like about this platform is that it helps people to figure out if remote work is the right fit for them. Honestly, I really appreciate the WWR’s resources and various blog categories. It’s insightful, especially the trends, statistics, and provides information about some world-class remote companies. Many companies, in fact, are going ahead with making it permanent.

You’re afraid of not having enough money for food, of the power being cut off, of watching your family shivering and hungry, all because of your “selfishness”. The more you write, the more of a writing style you’ll develop. Once you determine what that style is, use it consistently (or make slow and gradual changes to it if necessary) so your audience learns and trusts your brand.

Skills To Put On a Resume To Land Your Dream Remote Job

Ashlee Anderson, a certified professional career coach, launched it in 2015 to help people find great remote job leads — not just any listing that allows them to work from home. Ashlee believes remote workers are most successful when their job is a good fit for them — a belief reflected in every blog post she writes. What this one lacks in style, it makes up in content—especially if you’re looking to gain more online traction for your blog or business. One of her best features is Fetching Fridays—a weekly round-up of the best articles and web resources out there. Another way to combat boredom at work is to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Make a list of areas you want to develop and challenge yourself by learning a new skill.

A new comer to our list, but a seasoned veteran at the game of the workplace management industry, Gensler’s articles are heavily influenced by their own research, which we love. They examine the modern workplace with a healthy level of skepticism, which helps bring out only the best ideas, and some serious science to the mix. Gensler isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, which is partly why their blog is so riveting, and a refreshing read.

With 58% of businesses planning to stay partially remote and another 26% remaining distributed for the foreseeable future, it’s the perfect time to learn how to motivate remote e… If you’re interested in remote work and automation technology, the Zapier blog is the place for you. It’s helpful for anyone who wants to enrich their work-from-home remote work blog experience by intelligently automating their workflows. Hubstaff’s primary authors are in-house, experienced writers who work remotely — each article is well-researched and draws from our real-world experience as remote workers. In this article, we will explore the top 8 work-from-home blogs for remote workers to keep you informed and engaged.

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It also allows you to build trust with your readers. Having the trust and loyalty of your readers also opens up the door to making money from your blog, which is something I discuss later in this guide. Additionally, search engines often look for fresh and timely content. While many websites have relatively static content, a regularly-updated blog provides the perfect forum for content changes. While SEO can feel a bit intimidating, these SEO for bloggers tips can help ease the process.