Since Exscudo is powered by the EON blockchain, a Delegated Proof of Stake cryptocurrency platform, users can receive EON tokens simply by buying and holding them in their wallet. The coins come from commissions from transactions in the blockchain, which include most operations in the Exscudo platform. The ongoing inflation crisis in the US has once again attracted attention to cryptocurrencies’ potential as a hedge against the depreciation of fiat money. As pointed out by the analysts at Exscudo exchange, GoogleTrends data for the past 3 months shows a correlation between the search volume for the queries ‘inflation rate’ and ‘Bitcoin buy’. Exscudo experts also note the growing interest in using Bitcoin as a means of payment and in ways to buy BTC with a bank card.

  1. The company’s main goal is to create a single gate to the cryptocurrency market for everyday users, professional traders, investors and financial institutions.
  2. The smart transactions are not executed on nodes technically, but any transaction that needs confirmation by the blockchain has a commission for nodes.
  3. The sum a user invests into the project is equal to the sum that can be traded daily with zero commission on the Exscudo Exchange.
  4. The escudo was either of two distinct Spanish currency denominations.
  5. And don’t forget that investors also get 50% of the unsold coins at the end of the ICO.

The company offers products and services for different groups of users. Institutional investors will find an opportunity to invest into the cryptocurrency market legally with the Exscudo Exchange. E-commerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores will be able to accept cryptocurrencies for payment easily and legally with the Merchant platform. Traders from traditional markets will be pleased with professional desktop and mobile terminals that deliver the ultimate trading experience and a bird’s-eye view of all market data. Individual investors, cryptocurrency miners and even people who are not working on the crypto market will make use of Exscudo Channels, the mobile wallet and secure messenger.

Pre-orders are also available from the April 25 till the ICO launches. Users have the opportunity to order any amount of coins to buy them out within exscudo coin 48h after the ICO launch. The Exscudo exchange core is centralized, but the access to it is gained through the decentralized EON network.

It uses the latest cryptography to keep all messages 100% private, and you can send and receive cryptocurrency right in the messenger window. The flagship offering by Exscudo is FinTap (formerly Channels), a non-custodial blockchain wallet that doubles as a crypto-fiat ramp and a secure messenger. Its product range includes a  wallet with a built-in messenger, a crypto payment gateway, a White Label solution, an SDK, and more.

We are a platform that unites the worlds of traditional finances and cryptocurrencies. Our main goal is to provide an easy, fast and secure access to cybercurrencies for every person with an internet access and a simple credit card. The sum a user invests into the project is equal to the sum that can be traded daily with zero commission on the Exscudo Exchange.

According to the executives of the crypto-fiat payment platform Exscudo, scams and a lack of fiat support, especially in DeFI, are the main issues. Our system connects users of all levels and regions within one platform and around one center of liquidity. Exscudo is legally regulated, and this allows us to deal with major financial institutions.

Price performance

Its main goal is to integrate cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial world and to create a single gateway to the market for common users, traders, investors and financial institutions. Fiat-crypto interactions are another challenge that fintech projects have to solve to achieve a wider adoption. Few blockchain wallets allow users to deposit fiat funds – and even those that do usually accept only bank cards. Beginner users are left without an affordable on-ramp and have to register on external exchanges to buy their first batch of Bitcoin. Luckily, Exscudo also provideds a ready solution for miners that don’t want to host mining equipment.

Exscudo is the next-gen financial system, and the Stock exchange is its leading product. The exchange is an essential part of our financial ecosystem that unites the cryptocurrency market with the traditional financial system. When a user looks up a currency pair in the FinTap wallet by Exscudo, coin prices are sourced from various exchange brokers integrated into the Exchange Core.

/Digital book. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. 1961-Present 25th Edition

He has over 18 years of experience in management of IT businesses. Two of Andrew’s key successful businesses, despite Exscudo, are Clarus, a software dev company, and 51 ASIC, major Russian mining equipment distributor. As a professional CEO, Andrew invests all his skills and knowledge into the implementation of Exscudo products. The IDO will introduce a new Exscudo coin – or, rather, token – called FTP, or FinTap Coin. Its main utility lies in the fact that FTP holders get large discounts on all service fees, be it for payment processing or fiat conversions.

Exscudo: ‘Scam projects and poor fiat support are the barriers hindering crypto adoption”

More than that – a merchant should have the option of converting crypto into fiat currency – any fiat currency – on the spot. We can’t expect businesses to join crypto because it’s ‘the future’ – we have to give them practical reasons to do so, and that’s what MultiAcquiring does’. As an investor, what do you think of this blockchain project?

How Exscudo helps miners

This lifetime privilege is assigned to the account of an investor. Behind the scenes, a built-in Exscudo exchange called the OTC Core scans multiple platforms  (exchanges, OTC services, etc.) and finds the best conversion rate for the selected currency pair. Copper coins were issued in denominations of +1⁄2, 1, 2+1⁄2 and 5 céntimos; silver coins of 10, 20 and 40 céntimos, 1 and 2 escudos; and gold coins of 2, 4 and 10 escudos. The 1 escudo was introduced in 1864, followed by the other silver and gold coins in 1865 and the copper coins in 1866. All the coins were minted until 1868, with 10 escudos also minted in 1873 during the First Republic. Gold coins were issued in denominations of 1⁄2, 1, 2, 4 and 8 escudos, with the 2 escudos coin known as the doubloon.

But Exscudo is also secure and anonymous for those who prefer cryptocurrencies only. We offer products for quite all user categories, and they are easy to use, flexible and secure. Exscudo is a company that aims to expand to various jurisdictions in different parts of the world, so it can become a truly global project. With over 600 supported currency pairs and 10 fiat payment options, Exscudo is easily one of the most fiat-friendly crypto platforms.

Exscudo exchange and MultiAcquiring: attractive solutions for traders and merchants

Exscudo all-in-one financial services offers you to purchase various cryptocurrencies in form of EON color coins. Exscudo system combines in itself bank deposits where your money will be technically stored if you buy cryptos with your bank card. After that Exscudo assigns you some volume of EON color coins tethered to other cryptocurrency.

In this review, we’ll cover its FinTap wallet, payment gateway, and other products – as well as analyze why one particular user called Exscudo a scam back in 2019. Exscudo provides fiat-friendly solutions for regular crypto users, traders, merchants, developers, and project teams. Its FinTap wallet leverages the proprietary OTC Exchange Core and the Exscudo EON blockchain – an extremely fast permissioned network with 12 layers of cryptographic protection. But if we as the blockchain community want crypto to be accepted everywhere, we have to come up with ways to let merchants accept crypto and fiat with equal ease and using the same instruments. The same combination of security and extensive fiat support characterizes Exscudo’s second main product, MultiAcquiring. This payment gateway allows businesses to accept both crypto and fiat payments – and choose how they want to be paid.

This is your personal access to the financial world”, – explains Andrew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo. Exscudo is not just an exchange, it an integrated financial services provider. In this context, it would be more appropriate to speak about competitors if we take single Exscudo products a stand-alone products.